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The Future in Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine that takes your body Back in Time.

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Muscle &

M2R Muscle & Tendon
M2R® is a new, unique and medically stable tissue regeneration therapy that accelerates the healing process, regenerates tissue and minimizes scarring, producing no rejection or adverse effects

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M2R New Applications
Along with our tissue regeneration product we are working to provide physicians for a better use of our therapy through new products and a series of value added services intended to assist in its implementation and monitoring success while curing the patient. These services will be mainly based on lesional control environment and provide real-time operating data of regenerative function.

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M2RLAB is a Bio-medicine company dedicated to the development of medicines which regenerate and radically prolong the life of skeletal muscle tissue among others with our cutting-edge M2R® technology.

Our innovative technology is unique in the world, due to its speed and efficiency in tissue regeneration in almost any human tissue. M2R products are based on the administration of large number of cells obtained from the patient blood stream and polarized to maximize its regenerative potential promoting only targeted tissue.

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