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M2RLAB is a biomedicine company created in late 2015 that offers solutions based on our advanced cellular therapy that allows us to regenerate muscle, skin and other tissues. We use a new and medically stable technology developed by our scientific team that accelerates the healing process by minimizing the scars

M2R Technology was developed by an experimental pathology research team at the the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) specialized in cell functions and tissue regeneration, including investigation of unmodified cells, genetically modified cells and stem cells, ischemia-reperfusion, organ transplants and organ preservation. After years of researching how to prolong the life of transplanted organs, a field were Spain is world leader in number of transplants per year, our team discovered and developed a new technology that allowed them to promote regeneration whilst controlling the lesional environment.

M2RLAB licensed the technology from CSIC and partnered with the reasearch team to create a first medical therapy that regenerates tendon and muscle and that has the capability to expand its application to new tissues. Currently, M2RLAB is formed by team of multidisciplinary experienced professionals, divided in two sectors:

Laboratory Research Team. Our products are developed in our research facilities at the Laboratory of the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona (IIBB-CSIC).

Medical Facilities. M2RLAB leads the Regenerative Medicine Service at Clinica Corachan, a leading Private Hospital located in Barcelona. The company plans to open two addicional medical facilities in the near future.

The company maintains offices in madrid and Barcelona. M2RLAB is led by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with a very successful track record in the health sector. 

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide patients, doctors and health centers with new therapies and products that allow them to radically prolong the life of their bodies in an efficient, fast and safe way, at an affordable cost in relation to alternative therapies, while ensuring the best interest of our shareholders.

We do it with a single focus and continuous search: heal and prolong body tissue life offering improved therapies to (more) patients.
Our work culture is based on the promotion and pursuit of the following Values:

Continuously improve
Be and make happy

Finally, we seek to be active members of the human family and we consider the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly as the common ideal that we must promote, also from the company. 

In particular, we commit ourselves within our capabilities to promote actions that uphold the application of articles 22 and 25 that are directly related to our activity in the markets where we have presence. 

General Assembly of the United Nations. Resolution 217 A (III) of December 10, 1948. Paris. 
[...] Article 22 Every person, as a member of society, has the right to social security, and to obtain [...] The satisfaction of economic, social and cultural rights, indispensable to their dignity and the free development of their personality. 
[...] Article 25 1. Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and social services; [...] 2. Maternity and children have the right to special care and assistance. All children, [...], are entitled to equal social protection. [...]

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